Web Development & Language Learning

The following titles are examples of original software currently in use at Wichita State University's Intensive English Language Center.

Spelling Software Sample

Spelling is a simple, but favorite application of IELC students. Easy to use.

Last update: Apr 03, 2020
Academic Topics Software Picture

Academic Topics uses authentic contemporary videos to help students improve their listening skills and build their vocabulary.

Last update: Dec 11, 2018
Timed Readings Software Picture

Timed Readings challenges students to read college-level material and answer ten comprehension questions in six minutes.

Last update: Oct 29, 2018
Talk Write software

TalkWrite is straightforward activity that uses the Google voice recognition system as a pronunciation practice tool. Students listen to a model voice and imitate it. Colorized feedback assists and motivates the user.

Last update: Feb 20, 2017
 Software Picture

IELTS Readings is a series of passages that mirrors the standardized test many international students take in order to achieve English proficiency.

Last update: Mar 02, 2017
Grammar Tutorial Software Picture

Grammar Tutorial assignments provide students a thorough review of basic structure concepts. Randomized quizzes follow task sets. Managed via MySQL and PHP.

Last update: Apr 05, 2018
IELC Teacher's Gradebook Software Picture

IELC Gradebook (1) This tablet-friendly application is used by faculty to record attendance, scores, etc. It also allows them to communicate with students. PHP, HTML, and MySQL based.

Last update: Apr 16, 2018
 Software Picture

IELC Gradebook (2) The faculty gradebook uses some jQuery features to enhance data

Last update: Nov 20, 2017
Student Schedule Software Picture

Student Schedules IELC students use this Bootstrap-based page to view their schedules, syllabus, etc. Scripting done in PHP and MySQL

Last update: Mar 22, 2018
IELC Lab Gradebook Software Picture

IELC Lab Gradebook is an in-house creation specifically designed to plan lessons and track student progress. Coded in PHP, Javascript, and MySQL

Last update: Feb 27, 2020